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DJJB is owned and operated by Jamie Blair. We provide professional DJ’s, wedding vocalists, notaries, and lights to make your event a success. Our music and karaoke collections are one of the largest in the upstate with over 250,000 songs in our music library and 51,000 karaoke songs. Our DJs understand different cultures and music and deliver genres ranging from the 30’s to modern day, Spanish to Arabic, Japanese to Indian, and many in between. As you can tell by our motto ‘play what you want to hear’, you come first in our decisions. It is our goal to create an atmosphere for your party that will leave everybody saying, “Wow!”

Our unique ability to “read the crowd” will ensure a fun and entertaining party. Our personal attention to your guests guides our music selection (rather than just pushing random play on an ipod). Because we only use the best equipment, every word of your MC will be remembered and heard with clarity. DJJB will consider the volume level as well, so those who enjoy conversing can do so while others feel the rhythm of the beat.

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DJJB provides professional DJ’s, wedding vocalists, notaries, and lights to make your event a success. Our music and karaoke collections are one of the largest in the upstate with genres ranging from the 30’s to modern day, Spanish to Arabic, Japanese to Indian, and many in between. Check out our services and find out how we can help make your event one to remember.

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Wedding Entertainment

We view it as a privilege to be a part of the entertainment at your wedding. Our 30 years of experience can be your assurance of a wonderful celebration to be shared with your family and friends.

Not only will we provide the perfect soundtrack for your wedding, but our DJ's will ensure that your reception runs smoothly by helping to direct the flow of events. Our DJ's are experienced spokespersons and will act as your Master of Ceremonies (MC) to make important announcements to help direct your guests. This is your special day – we do the work, and you make the memories.

Our professional DJ's will work with you to make your wedding day everything you have dreamed. We want to get to know you before the wedding. We will talk through the details of your reception, finding out what you envision and offering suggestions based on our experience. You have the final say, nothing will be a surprise. We have done weddings from a variety of cultures and welcome your mix into our expertise.

DJJB can also provide a notary and accent specialty lights to help create the perfect atmosphere. And, to complete your event, we have a wedding vocalist to perform wedding songs and dinner singing. Whether it be your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception or all of the above, let DJJB help make your dreams a reality.

Wedding Packages:

We offer three packages for you to choose from for your special day.




Corporate Packages

Do you need entertainment for your next work function? We offer packages to fit any style or occasion. Call us today for further details!

Professional Lighting

We offer direct lighting packages to set the mood for your event. Give your party center stage or a soft romantic feel! Set your own mood, and let us take care of the work.

We take care of the lighting for your party so you can be the life of the party.

Other Events We Offer

Proms- Dance the night away at this special event. DJJB has music for every theme and will make sure this evening is everything you've been looking forward to..

Karaoke- Put on a party that no-one wants to leave. Whether you enjoy singing with the rock-n-roll oldies or trendy new melodies (or anything in between), we have music that will make everyone happy.

Corporate- A corporate event is one that has faces you may know, but personalities that you don’t. We realize this so we will tastefully provide a social setting that will relax the nerves and help all to have a good time.

Anniversaries- Entertainment and music can create such a memorable occasion whether it be an intimate meal, to performances, to a tasteful dance selection.

Graduations - Young adults and DJJB have at least one thing in common, we love music. Let their friends talk it up for them as they talk about your entertainment.

Pool Parties - Festive is a word that relates to having a pool party. There is nothing more enjoyable than being at a beach or pool listening to the right style music.

Movie Showings (Outdoor/Indoor) - Would you like to have a party at the house or residential community and show a movie or play Wii? (don't forget the superbowl) We can set up the screen and great sound that such events deserve!

Weddings - They speak for themselves. You're making enough decisions, let us have the reponsiblity of entertaining your guests in a classy fun way.


More About DJJB!

We make every event truly about our couples. I know, I know, you hear all the time from almost every professional you to talk to and read in their advertising that it’s about you. Well, we truly DO make it all about our couples – for real! From sound, direct lighting and so much more to create a “uniquely you” experience for your guests.

We are:

  • Reliable
  • Respectful
  • Professional
  • Experienced

Lastly, we will make sure your celebration is fun, smooth flowing, and full of special memories designed to keep your guests smiling, laughing and having the time of their life in special ways that tastefully represent you.

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Our unique ability to “read the crowd”
will ensure a fun and entertaining party.

Our Team

Professional and Courteous, our team will exceed your expectations and bring you the most memorable event you could ask for!

300 E McBee Ave Greenville, SC


Jamie Blair


Jamie is the owner of DJJB Music. He has a wife, Cindy, and three kids that inspire him in this business. His 28 years of experience as a DJ has brought him much joy and discernment on how to guide and direct a group. This helps all feel at ease. He is a dancer and enjoys all types of music including all varieties of Spanish music as well as swing dancing. He installed sound for 15 years which enables him to ensure good sound from all of the DJ’s. Good clean quality sound is what can offset your event from the others.

Loreece Muehleisen|DJ|MC

Loreece Muehleisen


Hi. My name is Loreece and I'm so excited that you have chosen DJJB for your special event. I've been with DJJB for over 5 years. I have been DJing and MCing ever since I was a teenager throwing my own parties in the basement of my family home, mixing tapes and CDs and loving every minute of it. I grew up with a very musical family. We were always putting on shows, dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments. As the youngest in my family, I've learned to love a huge variety of music. From the Classics to the Billboard Hits throughout every generation, Latin music, and today's Top 40. I love "playing what YOU want to hear." It's your event, not mine, and knowing that you heard the music you and your guests love makes this job the best!

Heidi Chapman|DJ|MC|Vocalist

Heidi Chapman

DJ / MC / Vocalist

Heidi Chapman was born in France and has lived in several different countries such as Hong Kong and London. Her family came to Greenville in 1996, where they established their permanent residence. Heidi went to Furman University from 2000 to 2004, where she majored in History while being very actively involved with the University music department, as well as working with several different bands spanning a wide variety of musical genres. After graduation, she tried her hand at teaching and event management; on a whim, she began DJing and running karaoke shows around Greenville to help out a friend, soon discovering that she really enjoyed compiling all kinds of playlists as well as working the microphone! Heidi's DJing specialty is classic rock and music from the 80's, but she doesn't like to limit herself- she is comfortable playing a vast range of genres and is always on the lookout for great new songs and bands!


Jeremy Otero

DJ / MC / Guitarist

Stage name DJ JEROOMEE ; I have been raised in the West with a Spanish/Texas background, transferred to the Carolinas in the late 1980's and have been here ever since. I am a lover of all music, 80's pop, 90's hits, funk, and the latest dance club. I would like to say I know my country. I love Spanish music especially some of the older music like Julio Iglesias and Gloria. I am also a student of salsa dancing and regularly dance to keep up and keep fresh. Since I have played the guitar for a long time I'm familiar with folk music and the 70's songs, Jim Groce being one of my favorites to learn. I would love to play a song on my guitar and sing with some accompaniment to add some flavor to your party. I have a deep voice on the microphone and can MC, but mainly a public speaker style. I have lots of energy and I love the musical challenge to 'play what you want to hear'. May God bless.

Features List

The Art of Entertainment.

Event Director (at the wedding / reception / ceremony, and coming from an entertainment perspective.)The delicate art and science of keeping YOUR entire event agenda on track, while seamlessly keeping guests entertained.

Sound Engineer & Sound

Sound Engineer & Sound – ultra modern, clean, clear, controlled sound. The ability to create, then control audio design, production and broadcast with a consistent, clean, and clear sound at the ceremony and celebration.


Event Director

Providing the ability to control and manage the flow of your party, with balance and harmony we ensure a smooth transition between events, creating the perfect night.


The ability to leverage my experience of performing over hundreds weddings personally to become your trusted advisor for practical help in creating the vision, transition, flow and more.

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